Dribbles and Triplets | youth dance

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Photo Kiki Papadopoulou

You are holding your ticket. The space is ready. There are a lot of people in the audience, all in their places. Here are the protagonists too, ready to do their best! You are clapping your hands. What will happen? What are you going to watch? Will it be a match or a show?

The OCC heads out to… sports stadiums! Specifically, to the basketball courts and covered sports halls of schools and municipalities in Athens and the Greek provinces. The performance by the choreographer Medie Megas initiates schoolchildren into art’s big questions in an original way: by bringing them face to face with the exciting world of sport. Driples & Triplets appropriates the format of popular survival reality shows and talent contests to subvert both to devastating and humorous effect.

Forget about winners and losers, about sports fanatics and the commercialization of physical skill, the stereotypes of beauty and bodily health. They do things differently in the arts. Art’s not about points; it’s about other things. Or, as the graffiti artist wrote: “poetry’s an extreme sport”.


Choreography & Dramaturgy: Menti Mega
Music (composed in collaboration with the performers): Chrysanthos Christodoulou
Assistant to the choreographer: Antonis Strouzas
Costume designer & prop oversight: Margarita Hatziioannou
With: Nanti Gogoulou, Alexandros Laskaratos, Alin Batanian, Ariadni Papapanagiotou Christina Reinhardt, Periklis Skordilis, Antonis Strouzas, Stelios Chatzikaleas, Vivi Christodoulopoulou
Organization – Executive Producer: Delta Pi
Production: Onassis Cultural Centre-Athens

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Photo Kiki Papadopoulou

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