Poetic Asylum


“Poetic Asylum ventures beyond conventional boundaries to mix dance with poetry and painting”.

Vivienne Nylan |  Kathimerini newspaper  Athens Plus | 26.6.2008

“The visual synthesis of the stage set, with its air of innocence and a bitter irony inherent in the black and white codes of the comic strip and cartoon, surprised me. The whole venture is identified by three elements I consider vital: sensitivity, reflection and political awareness  and humor.”

Anna Mihopoulou | Professor of feminist theory and of the history of women | 2008

“In Poetic Asylum thoughts are expressed effortlessly and with a disarming directness, subverting the pseudo-balance of the audience, since the erratic shifts in the meaning of concepts is the reason for conflict with what one thinks he knows.”

Dr. Konstantina Georgelou | Lecturer at Utrecht University | 2008


Photo by Efi Fylaktou

Poetic Asylum premiered at the Athens Festival 2008 and was the fruit of the collaboration of Medie Megas with writer Manolis Andriotakis. The performance combined elements of dance, painting and poetry.

“On stage, the two artists explore their relationship to poetry, to the poetic and attempting to create their own work of art, using their bodies, their voices, a white canvas and some painting materials as their mediums.

They stand in front of the audience and ask for Poetic Asylum.

In the course of the performance they confront their memories and their references. They write their first word, they make their first stroke, they attempt their first movement. They hesitate, they discard, they begin again, they are momentarily satisfied, they censure, they tear, they fail, they try again.”


Concept, texts, performance: Medie Megas, Manolis Andriotakis

Music: Tasos Stamou

Set design: Marianna Ignataki

Light design: Tasos Paleoroutas

Program design: Manolis Andriotakis

Graphic design of the poster and flyers: Sakis Stritsidis

Production Manager: Anna Kandila


by Vivien Nylan | Kathimerini newspaper |2008

by Konstantina Georgelou | 2008

by Anna Mihopoulou |2008