Making and Unmaking Dances

Making and Unmaking Dances is an advanced choreography workshop that Medie Megas teaches at ISON, a space for inclusive education in Dance and Theater in Athens.

In 2022-23 the workshop took place place for the first time with a duration of three months.

In 2023-24 it took place in a more professional setting with the duration of a whole academic year (October – June).

To workshop is addressed to graduates of professional dance schools and experienced disabled dancers. Taking into consideration the needs and wishes of the participants the program views choreography as an expanded field of research, which is in dialog with the other arts and draws methodologies and practices from other fields such as anthropology, sociology and philosophy. Central element to the program is the ‘artistic stimuli’ unit which includes surprise visits to art spaces, museums, public spaces and meetings with artists and theorists from the performing arts and other fields.

The participants have additional studio space once a week for their own research and experimentation in choreography in small groups, with the support and mentoring of Medie Megas and visitors the whole year round.