Photo Nikos Iliopoulos

Photo Nikos Iliopoulos

(in verse)

Medie Megas.

Half Greek, half English,

37 year old,


Artistic but practical.

Sociable but reflective.

Optimistic but restless.

Playful but serious.

Not famous for my humor, but i try.

Have traveled a lot,

have partied little.

Enthusiastic about almost everything.


(in prose)

Medie Megas is a Greek/English choreographer and dancer, born in 1978. She is a graduate of the Greek National School of Dance (1998) and has a Master of Arts in Contemporary Dance from Kent University (in affiliation with the LCDS, The Place).

After dancing for various Greek dance companies and working in the field of theatre as an actor and choreographer, she created  Φora dance company and produced ’Poetic Asylum’ (Athens Festival 2008) , ‘The Guardog. An allegory about the Media’ (Athens and Thessaloniki 2010-11)  and ‘Metapolitefsi’ (Onassis Cultural Center 2012) and ‘Transforming Me, a bilingual solo’ (ΜΙRfestival, Kalamata International Dance Festival 2015 and Thessaloniki Biennale of Performance 2015).

Her work during the last years reflects on the Greek sociopolitical reality, attempts to physically engage with philosophical concepts and actively explores notions of embodied identity. Medie Megas views the body, as a site where personal and collective experience intersect and are revealed through movement, affect, voice and text. Her work has come to be characterised by a subtle poetic quality, a directness and sincerity of performance and an economy in means, all of which also reflect a questioning of theatrical conventions and an interest in new forms of performance.

Medie Megas also works as a dance theorist, teaching history of dance to students of professional dance schools, publishes articles and gives lectures on performance related subjects. For the last three years she has had a steady collaboration with the ‘Onasis Arts Center’  on educational projects addressed to children and in the field of disability dance.

She is a founding member of the Greek dance network ‘Syndesmos Chorou’, which organises educational, artistic and community building projects all over Greece and was a member of the board of the DBM International Network (Danse Bassin Mediterranee) between 2009 and 2011.