‘Metapolitefsi’ premiered at the Onasis Arts Centre in February 2012.

The performance engages with the socio-political conditions that led to the ethical and economic crisis facing Greece today. Music, sounds, images and corporeal memories from the Metapolitefsi, the period following the restoration of parliamentary democracy in 1974, are brought to the surface through the female trio’s tight rhythmic structure. Assigning a structural role to the spoken word and to song, the choreography targets the audience’s deepest experiential layer in its quest for a new approach to contemporary Greek history through poetic forms.


Concept-Choreography: Medie Megas
Performers: Chara KotsaliOlia LydakiKaterina Bella
Dramaturgy: Manolis Andriotakis
Original music: Martha Mavroidi
Video: Alexandros Mistriotis

Lighting: Tassos Paleoroutas

Costumes: Konstandinia Vafiadou

Photos: Christina Georgiadou
Photo editing: Design by FrontSakis Stritsidis
Communication: Vasso Vassilatou

Co-production: Onassis Cultural Centre / Fora art company
Production Consultant: Alexandros Vrettos



Photo Despina Spyrou

Photo Despina Spyrou

Photo Despina Spyrou