‘transformation’ workshops


ArtEZ transformation workshop | Netherlands 2013

Since 2013, Dr Kate Adams and I have taught a series of workshops, in which we have introduced the participants to the main features of the ‘transformation dance improvisation form’ that I have developed choreographically through the creation of the performances ‘Transforming Me’ and ‘Metapolitefsi’, and conceptually through my collaboration with Dr. Kate Adams.

The ‘transformation dance improvisation form’, apart from its physical and technical aspects,  has a number of sociological, psychological and philosophical implications, which unfold through the dramaturgy of the piece. It is a meditation on personal and social transformation and it models the shifts through familiar into unfamiliar, through repetition and tipping points, through fear and hope. It serves as an analogy for the performative construction of identity and it demonstrates the historicity of the experience of change. Transformation is not a sudden change; it emerges slowly as we allow our bodies to inhabit difference.

Depending on the group that we address at each different workshop, Kate and I shift our attention and focus on any of these different aspects, practical or theoretical, through physical, writing and conversation tasks. 


Abstract for the ArtEZ workshop, which was addressed to the Master of Choreography workshop in the context of the Inventing Futures symposium | December 2013


Abstract for the Milan workshop, which was addressed to the students of the Milan Dancehaus | November 2015



ArtEZ transformation workshop | Netherlands 2013