The Guard Dog

Photo Christina Georgiadou

“A stricking piece of choreography. It mixes media, subverts expectations, pumps adrenaline and defuses tension with judicious doses of humor”.

Vivienne Nylan | Kathimerini newspaper -Athens Plus | 2010

“ I was drawn by by the Guardog because it presented today’s field of Media as a snake pit. The choreographer […] told us a silent story. Through an impressing performance (by Olia Lydaki) and with an allegorical spirit .”

Eleftheria Alavanou | Kathimerini newspaper-Kappa magazine


The Guardog, an allegory about the Media was an opportunity to delve into a deeply current and political issue, the mechanisms of power and the influence of today’s Media. It is a dance monologue, which was subsidised by the Greek Ministry of Culture and Tourism and premiered in 2010 at the Academia Theatre in Athens.

The Guard Dog, an allegory about the Media. 

“ The Guardog, an allegory about the Media is a visual performance which reflects of the nature and function of contemporary Media and articulates some timely questions:

How many newspapers are needed to ‘cover’ an event?

What shadows are cast by the limelight?

What is Pavlov’s dog up to in the newsroom?

A performance full of allegorical meaning, poetic images and subtle humor. in which the audience witnesses the metamorphoses of dog into a journalist or each person’s journey from naivety to cynicism”.



Concept, direction: Medie Megas

Choreography: Medie Megas in collaboration with Olia Lydaki

Performed by Olia Lydaki

Dramaturgy: Manolis Andriotakis

Set design: Alkis Boutlis

Original music: Martha Mavroidi

Light design: Tasos Paleoroutas

Costume design: Angellos Mentis

Graphic design of program and poster: Design by Front

Assistant choreographer: Lia Chamilothori


Photo Petros Papakyriakou


Photo Petros Papakyriakou