Europe Beyond Access

Photo: Stavros Habakis

Europe Beyond Access is an audience development workshop addressed to professionals and emerging artists from the field of dance. Dancers, choreographers, dramaturges, dance critics, journalists with and without disabilities.

It raises questions such as: How can we develop audiences for the work of disabled artists? How can disabled artists be encouraged to participate more actively in the dance scene, as well as the wider cultural scene?

Challenging preconceptions and our own perceptions, members of previous iDance workshops alongside new participants, will have the opportunity to watch highly acclaimed dance productions at the Onassis STEGI during the 2019-2020 season, as well as videos of other seminal dance works.

The workshops will aim at sharing and developing tools for discussion and analysis of the performances, but will also contain practice based work in the studio for further exploration and reflection on the ideas and concepts that arise from this exchange.

The First cycle of workshops will be led by choreographer and dancer Medie Megas and will be based on the show “ELENIT”, by Euripides Laskarides.

On Fridays 29 November, 6 and 13 December 2019 | 18:00-20:00

For details about the other cycles of workshops please press here.