Abstract for the Milan workshop | 2015

[Addressed to the students of the Milan Dancehaus | November 2015]



An introduction to the improvisational form that formed the basis for the creation of the dance performance ‘Transforming Me, a bilingual solo’. 

The workshop we propose will be an introduction to the improvisational dance form called ‘Transformation’ that Medie Megas developed through her choreographic practice, and which subsequently evolved into the solo performance ‘Transforming Me, a bilingual solo’ created in close collaboration to dramaturge and Dr. Kate Adams (lecturer in Drama at Salford University).

The ‘transformation’ improvisational dance form, relates to the idea of self and social transformation and is especially meaningful within the context of the current situation in Greece, responding to a widespread debate on issues of social change and the role of the arts in a changing society. The transformation process is explored through the body and through text, as a journey that begins in an area of the familiar and opens up into a space of potential and open possibilities.

The workshop we propose will contain a combination of movement, voice and writing exercises, and will end in a discussion on the implications of the idea of transformation on a personal and sociopolitical level.